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OOZEE Technology is Software development company that accelerates business growth. We believe in Customized Software and our client's need. And we know that you need a partner that doesn't just plan, but one who can get it done.


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AMex Asset Management Solution 
- Desktop App Development
You can't afford ruin time, efforts & cost searching for assets or replacing lost assets. AMex asset management software tracks your assets?, where they are?, what the cost?, who's the vendor?, where can i find service center? which assets are having lot of service issue? and more. By using AMex you can set barcodes to all assets and manage warranty and services record.

AMex Provides superior baseline for asset inventory & tagging services to organization across all industries. The Asset inventory data becomes the foundation for efforts to limit capital spending, mitigate maintenance, optimally utilize and repair expense, and control variety of other operational aspects of physical assets. AMex asset management
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